Immanuel Lutheran Church

at Tavernier in the Florida Keys

Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod (LCMS)

Immanuel Lutheran Church is a community of believers that provides a wide range of services to its members and the community at large. One of the most important services we offer is Christian weddings. We believe that marriage is a sacred union ordained by God, and we strive to create a beautiful and meaningful ceremony that reflects this belief. Our experienced pastor works closely with the couples to ensure that their wedding day is a joyous and unforgettable occasion. We offer a range of wedding packages to suit different budgets and preferences, and our facilities are designed to accommodate both small, intimate ceremonies and large, grand affairs.

Another important service we offer is baptisms. We believe that baptism is a vital step in a person’s spiritual journey, and we offer both infant and adult baptisms. Our pastor works closely with the families and individuals to ensure that the ceremony is conducted with reverence and meaning. We also offer classes and resources to help individuals understand the significance of baptism and its role in the Christian faith.

Lastly, we provide funeral services to our members and the community. We understand that losing a loved one can be a difficult and trying time, and we are committed to supporting families during this time of grief. Our pastor works closely with the families to ensure that the funeral service is conducted with respect and dignity, and we offer a range of options to suit different needs and preferences. We also offer grief counseling and support to help families cope with their loss and find comfort in their faith. At Immanuel Lutheran Church, we believe that these services are an important part of our mission to serve and support our community, and we are proud to offer them to all who seek them.

For more information, you can reach us by call/text at 612-720-4600, email at, or directly via our contact form for your convenience.